What is MyositisSupport.org Community?

What is MyositisSupport.org?

MyositisSupport.org is a dedicated patient-to-patient support community for families affected by myositis condition. MyositisSupport.org.org is powered by BensFriends.org, patient support communities for rare diseases, and is run by volunteer moderators who have been affected with myositis condition.

Who can join MyositisSupport.org.org?

If your family has been affected by myositis, consider MyositisSupport.org.org your second home. MyositisSupport.org.org, as well as the rest of BensFriends.org’s patient communities, is free for members to join.

What is Myositis?

Myositis is an inflammation of the muscles, which can be caused by injury, infection, reaction from certain medications, and even exercise. Some forms of Myositis are chronic and idiopathic, meaning the cause is unknown or not well understood. Types of Myositis include dermatomyositis (DM), polymyositis (PM), juvenile myositis (JM), and inclusion-body myositis (IBM).

Symptoms of myositis can include muscle weakness, muscle pain and muscle tenderness. Other symptoms vary, depending on the specific cause of myositis.

What is BensFriends.org?

In 2007, Ben Muñoz suffered a rare form of stroke caused by an AVM. He was unable to find the support he needed during the most difficult time, so he created an online support community AVMSurvivors.org to connect with others like him. AVMSurvivors.org led to the founding of BensFriends.org, driven to provide patient-to-patient support communities for people living with rare diseases.

BensFriends.org is a network of patient communities for people living with rare diseases. Launched in November 2007, BensFriends.org provides valuable patient support by creating and running compassionate, responsive communities. BensFriends.org maintains dozens of patient communities and has changed thousands of lives.

You can learn more about BensFriends.org at http://www.bensfriends.org or watch one of our videos at http://www.youtube.com/BensFriendsVideos